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Tattoos have always attracted much attention from people because it is a great way to make their bodies beautiful. Here we will show what such tattoo designs may look like.

The tattoos have always be popular. They may be plenty and many interesting things can be depicted on the skin of a person. But also such tattoos should be good taken care of. Here we will show some advices on that.

Decorate the body with a tattoo with sense, simply beautiful picture or a memorable inscription aspire very many is stylishly, fashionably, interestingly. But to keep faultlessness of drawing and brightness of paints for many years, it is necessary to follow certain rules of care of a tattoo, as after the procedure of its drawing, and after a while.

After the tattoo is put, the master will tell you as it is correct to look after her during healing. There are general rules and recommendations which you can read on the Internet, but they have help character — perfectly follow advice of yours to the tattoo master.

Usually after completion of drawing the skin is covered with a special film compress with an anti-septic tank is becomes to prevent hit of an infection in wounds and also to accelerate healing. Such bandage is carried by no more than 4 hours after its drawing, and subsequently any plasters, gauze bandage and other self-made bandages it isn't necessary any more.

After removal of a compress the fresh tattoo needs to be washed out accurately flowing water warm (not more hotly) with antibacterial soap (better to use liquid since it is dosed without contact with skin, so it is more hygienic). It is necessary to wash away accurately all remains of a lymph and antiseptics to clear skin. The damp surface should be got wet with a tissue or a soft towel and to grease with a thin layer of the healing ointment (Bepanten, Pantenol, Depantenol). Ointment should be applied it is very thin simply to humidify a surface, without formation of a layer.

Formation of hypostasis and even bruise round a tattoo in the first days of healing — this normal phenomenon is possible, though infrequently meets. The increased temperature right after drawing is observed practically at all and passes in a couple of hours.

Tattoo can heal within a week — at this time it is necessary to watch that the lymph which is imperceptibly appearing on a surface of skin didn't dry up and didn't turn into a crust. To wash in the morning and in the evening, refreshing a surface and to grease with the same ointment approximately time at 2 o'clock — it will promote fast healing of fabrics, and also will prevent drying of the top layer of epidermis. If there is an opportunity, spend the first 2 — 3 days of the house, watching a condition of a tattoo. It is useful to do 1 — 2 time a day lotions the hlorgeksidiny. It becomes so: the napkin moistened hlorgeksidiny, is stuck on a tattoo for 10 minutes, then is removed. Approximately for the fifth day of healing from a surface of a tattoo the color peel separates, skin can shine, the itch is possible. In 2 — 3 days covers will be restored and will become opaque, it will say that the tattoo finally began to live.

In the course of healing if to dry a skin surface, on a place of drawing the crust can be formed of the dried-up lymph — it can't be allowed.

Of course, there are many other additional methods of taking care about tattoo, but those that we underlined above, are known to be the best ones and the most interesting ones, showing really good results. The tattoos will look much better if you follow those advices and they will heal much easier.